Verdad represents the “We Live to Ride“ philosophy deeply.
Snowboarding gives you freedom at heart.
The Verdad Buccaneers are like the original seeds: riders who are wild at heart always ready for action, any time any place, the search for adrenaline running through their veins.
Riding is my religion.

Riding is my religion

The -v-riders also stand for justice, friendship, family and loyalty. They understand that a snowboard isn’t just an object but something they need to live and express themselves.
they need it to find freedom, to feel alive. they need it to ride the line.

The V8 has a lot of new features, all our boards are high end, original sandwich constructions with
a 100% full wood core made of the best poplar and bleach.

We have 5 different shapes, 2 twin tips and 2 directionals and
we use 2 different cambers, classic and hybrid.

In order to get the perfect flex, torsion and terrain absorption we add, according to the board’s purpose, different fibers: 
biax, hybrid and triax fibers using kevlar, carbon stripes or bamboo.

To get the right speed on any terrain we use 3 bases:
extruded 5000, sintered 6000, sintered 8000

A Verdad board is built with only one goal and that is to give you
100% satisfaction. Our boards will make you progress and
take your riding skills to the next level.

We strongly believe that all riders need their own excalibur
so they can live their ride to the fullest.

Winter is Mine

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Verdad Snowboards – Founded in 2011

Antwerp Harbor – Riding is my Religion

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